From the Curb Back to the Kitchen: Recycled Glass & Concrete Surfaces

February 1, 2009

From dust-free plasters to bamboo flooring to roof gardens, green builders are continuing to thrive in a construction market that has been otherwise struggling due to the current economic turmoil.  These green companies strive to create healthy living spaces using non-toxic alternatives to conventional building products, as well as by developing ways to reduce energy and water consumption. One such company is IceStone, which makes Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certified durable surfaces such as countertops, floors, and wall coverings from recycled glass and concrete.

Thanks to a guarantee community that formed around IceStone, RSF was able to finance this innovative New York-based company’s next growth phase.

IceStone’s environmental impact includes replacing petrochemical and polyester resin based materials which produce harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), a major source of indoor air pollution. Another is reducing the dependence on imported mined natural stone, 85% of which is imported from other countries and requires a tremendous amount of fossil fuel to reach U.S. customers. Last but not least, IceStone extracted 1.2 million pounds of glass from the waste stream in 2005 and expects to remove more each year.

Beyond their products’ impact on the environment, IceStone focuses on improving the sustainability of every aspect of their business.  The company has adopted goals for energy conservation, carbon emissions, water use, and waste management, as well as conducting environmental education programs for employees.  They also partner with community nonprofit, academic, industrial assistance and local social services groups to promote green-collar job creation, sustainable business practices, and the development of the green building industry.

Says Co-CEO of IceStone, Peter Strugatz,“RSF has enabled IceStone to buy equipment and provide working capital to expand our capacities to meet growing market demand. To receive this support from a financial service enterprise that is onboard with our long-term social, environmental, and financial goals is an honor.”

For more information about IceStone, please visit their website at www.icestone. biz.

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