RSF Discusses Slow Money Investment

December 9, 2010

The Slow Money movement has received some great coverage in a mainstream financial industry publication.  A recent InvestmentNews article discusses the growing market for small, local, and deliberate investments intended to keep capital flowing through local economies. In contrast to sending our dollars far and away into a fast-paced global market, this approach to investing slows money down by keeping it local. In the wake of the financial downturn, investors have begun to question large, traditional financial institutions and investment opportunities. As a result, more attention is being drawn to the emerging field of organizations, including RSF Social Finance, developing alternative ways to invest.

In the article, RSF CEO Don Shaffer discusses the increased interest we have seen in our work and the ways in which RSF is preparing to expand product and service offerings to meet this demand.

As a leader in social finance, we are excited and encouraged by the increasing attention brought to this field.

Click here to read the full article and stay tuned to follow RSF’s contributions to the Slow Money movement.

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