RSF Fall Quarterly: Why Go Beyond Organic?

October 16, 2013

The latest issue of the RSF Quarterly focuses on transformative practices in agriculture as a next phase of the sustainable food movement. Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association Executive Director Robert Karp evaluates the role of the sacred in our relationship to food and farming. Internationally acclaimed author, orator, and activist Winona LaDuke, takes a look at the restorative practices of our ancestors and presents a case for land-based economics for the seventh generation. In the Clients in Conversation, Armonia investment professional Caroline MacGill and rancher Jen Livsey, discuss holistic management and their mutual partnership with RSF borrower Estancia Beef to transform the grass fed beef industry. Also, read how RSF borrower Lotus Foods helps small family farmers to sustainably earn a living while preserving rice biodiversity.

To download an electronic copy of the Quarterly, click here. To receive hard copies of future issues free of charge, click here.

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