How to Invest

Where Are the Notes Available?

The RSF Social Investment Fund is available to residents in 47 US states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The funds are not available to residents of Arkansas, Missouri, and Washington.

The RSF Social Investment Fund is also available to residents of some Canadian provinces. For international inquiries, please contact Mark Herrera for more information.

As with any investment opportunity, please review the prospectus before making a decision to invest. For a brief description of the fund, you can also review the SIF Info Sheet.

How to Apply

Once you’ve made your decision, participating in the RSF Social Investment Fund is easy. To open an account, enter your state below to complete an application, and return it with a check* to:

RSF Social Investment Fund, Inc.
1002 O’Reilly Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94129-0915

Or fax to 415.561.3919

*Checks should be made payable to RSF Social Investment Fund Inc.

Please contact Mark Herrera about sending funds electronically, or, if you are adding to an account using ACH (Automatic Clearing House) to authorize regular additions to your investment.



Contact Mark Herrera at 415.561.6160 or

For more information for foundations interested in our PRI Fund, please contact Catherine Covington at 415.561.6151 or


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