Grantee Reporting

Reporting is an important part of the grantmaking process because we want to hear about your work! We often create opportunities to share the exciting work of our grantees with our staff, board, and wider community through the RSF Quarterly or on our blog. Your grant reports also help us demonstrate “due diligence” to our donors, who have entrusted their money to us in confidence that it will be well managed and their intentions will be respected within the framework of our charitable purposes.

Grant Reporting Deadlines

We do not require any reporting on grants for $25,000 or under that were made to support general operations.

501(c)3 Organizations are required to submit a report within 12 months of receiving a grant from RSF.

Individuals, US-based non-501(c)3 organizations, and Foreign Organizations with a Pre-Approved Grant Fund at RSF are required to submit a narrative and financial report within 6 months of receiving a grant from RSF.

Other Foreign Organizations are required to submit a narrative and financial report three months after the end of the fiscal year in which the grant from RSF was received.

Grant Reporting Guidelines

501(c)3 Organizations:

For grants of $25,000 or less in support of a specific project: Please briefly describe progress made in the last year on the work supported by this grant. Feel free to draw on previously written materials such as newsletters and annual reports.

For grants greater than $25,000: Please describe progress made in the last year on the work supported by the grant that you received from RSF, and a financial report of how the funds were used. Your report should be approximately 500 – 750 words and clearly describe how the grant funds have been spent. Although not required, we encourage the submission of photos and video links to The following are some guiding questions for your report:

  1. How did you expend the grant to accomplish your project or implement your program?
  2. How did receiving the grant change or improve your organization or project?
  3. What did you learn as a result of working on your project? Please describe inspirations or challenges that you encountered.
  4. How did you involve the community in your project or organization, and whom did the grant allow you to serve?
  5. What new connections or relationships developed as a result of your grant?
  6. What new sources of funding have you developed?

Pre-Approved Grant Fund Reporting Guidelines (PDF)

Foreign and Non-501(c)3 Reporting Guidelines (PDF)

Individual Grants Reporting Guidelines (PDF)

Report Submission Instructions

If your organization is a 501(c)3, you will receive an email 30 days before your report is due with a link to our report form. Please use this link to submit your report.

If you are an individual, a non-501(c)3, or a foreign organization, please submit your report to

While not required, we also encourage the submission of high resolution photos and links to videos so that we can share your project with the RSF community.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting RSF staff.


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