2008 Seed Fund Grantees

4 Girls Glocal LeadershipDando Una Mano – 4 Girls GLocal Leadership (4GGL) Global Young Women’s Leadership

The mission of 4GGL is to ignite, develop and promote the leadership of girls and young women to advance gender equality. It mobilizes and leverages existing resources and interest by creating partnerships. Global Young Women’s Leadership combines education, leadership skill development, and overseas experience to college-aged women. The leadership model focuses on collaboration, cooperation, and compassion. www.4ggl.org

Global Exchange – Green Guardians Program

The Green Guardians Program aims to prepare San Francisco’s youth, especially residents from underserved communities for a green career path. Its objectives are to secure jobs in the expanding green economy, create a corps of young leaders with the skills and motivation to protect and improve the environment of San Francisco’s underserved neighborhoods, and to connect students, teachers, community-based organizations, green enterprises, and city agencies in mutually beneficial relationships. www.globalexchange.org

Think OutWordHawthorne Valley Association – Think OutWord

Think OutWord empowers young people to educate themselves and each other in an objective and thorough understanding of social and spiritual phenomena as well as to implement practical initiatives that will encourage economic cooperation, promote political equality, and cultivate true cultural freedom. www.thinkoutword.org

PILAS Housekeeping CooperativePILAS Housekeeping Cooperative

PILAS is a womens’ worker cooperative dedicated to increasing the economic independence of its members facing barriers to sustained and lucrative employment. The cooperative supports the growth of its members through personal, economic, and social development. PILAS is implementing an eco-friendly green housecleaning service alternative thereby protecting the health of its members and the community. www.pilashousekeeping.org

Rugmark Foundation – The New Standard

In 2008, after reducing the incidence of child weavers in the handmade rug industry in South Asia by two-thirds, RugMark developed standards addressing the human and environmental toll of this sector. From the unclean fuel used to transport wool to the chemical dyes disposed in local rivers, the process of weaving, washing, and dyeing rugs has serious side effects on the local communities and ecosystems. In addition to instituting green benchmarks, the standards also address concerns such as living wages and sanitation. www.RugMark.org

Buffalo Caretakers CooperativeVillage Earth – Buffalo Caretakers Cooperative

Village Earth is dedicated to promoting sustainable, community-based development globally by training, technology, and project support services. The goal of the Buffalo Caretakers Cooperative is to create a viable Lakota owned and managed cooperative that will market natural, grass-fed bison products produced by Lakota bison caretakers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The cooperative will increase income for bison caretakers while lowering the opportunity cost for individuals and families interested in utilizing their lands for raising bison on the reservation. www.villageearth.org

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