“We cannot arrive at a healthy economic process unless, in the first place, it is made possible for people to have something to give and, in the second place, unless they have the good will and intelligence to give what they have.” – Rudolf Steiner, Lecture 5, World Economy

All of RSF’s Giving Services are designed to support you or your organization in making gifts in ways that are effective and efficient.

Donor Advised Funds

Enjoy favorable tax treatment, increased flexibility in giving, and gift tracking while being invested in socially responsible and mission-aligned investments. Learn more

Local Initiatives Fund

Explore RSF’s  integrated capital approach – the coordinated use of investments, loans, and grants – to support social entrepreneurs building a new food movement in the US. Learn more

Shared Gifting 

Leverage community wisdom through the Shared Gifting model of fund distribution. This modes gives ownership, distribution, and allocation authority for gift money to the participants of the Shared Gifting circle.  Learn more

Seed Fund

Help germinate the next generation of restorative projects. This pooled fund directs small gifts to new initiatives and innovative solutions that further the field of social finance.  Learn more

Donate Online

Click here to make a donation to any of the funds above, RSF Operations, or to one of our fiscally sponsored projects.

Past RSF Grantees

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