PRI Lending

The RSF Food & Agriculture PRI Fund supports borrowers that positively contribute to:

  • healthy ecological systems,
  • urban and rural economic development,
  • safe and equitable labor conditions, and/or
  • increased access to healthy food in underserved areas.

Investments in the RSF PRI Fund are used to provide loans of $50,000 or greater to non-profit and for-profit social enterprises addressing key issues in food production, food access, value-added processing, distribution, retail, and waste management.

Recipients of PRI loans must meet a set of strict criteria to demonstrate that funds will be used entirely for charitable purposes, above and beyond our general borrower criteria. In keeping with RSF’s commitment to transparency and financial transactions that are as direct as possible, lending institutions and other financial intermediaries are not eligible.

If you are interested in applying for an RSF PRI loan, please complete our loan pre-application. For more information, please contact Ted Levinson at or 415.561.6179.

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