Mezzanine Fund

RSF Mezzanine Fund is the only mezzanine fund designed specifically for companies with high social impact. Available to accredited investors*, investments in this fund allow RSF to provide growth capital without the need for a company to sell equity, resulting in little to no dilution of ownership or loss of control – a key consideration for companies with deep social missions that might be compromised through traditional financing.

How It Works

The RSF Mezzanine Fund provides capital to help an enterprise achieve growth through a mix of debt, warrants, royalty streams, fee notes, and/or convertible notes. Accredited investors may participate with a minimum investment of $500,000.

Learn More

To learn more about the RSF Mezzanine Fund, please contact Joe Avenatti at 415.561.6172.

For more information about the Mezzanine portfolio companies click here.

*This is not intended to be an offer for the sale or purchase or solicitation of securities in RSF Mezzanine Fund or otherwise. Investors should consult their own legal, tax and financial advisors before considering an investment in this fund.
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