Summary of Rates & Terms

Minimum Investment: $1,000 minimum to open an account. There is no minimum for additions to existing accounts.

Term: 90 days. When you invest in the RSF Social Investment Fund, we issue an investment note with a quarterly term. This note is automatically renewed at the end of each quarter, unless you notify us that you would like to redeem it.

Interest Rate: The interest rate on your investment note varies quarterly, averaging 0.56% over the last year (2013) and 0.83% over the last five years. The current interest rate for investment notes is 0.25%.

The interest rate for the RSF Social Investment Fund is determined and adjusted each quarter by the Fund’s Pricing Committee, which includes the CEO, CFO, Director of Lending, and Manager of Client Development. The interest rate is informed by a meeting held quarterly between representatives of all three stakeholders in the Fund – investors, borrowers, and RSF staff. The rate is also informed by the Fund’s requirements for financial sustainability as well as market rates and macroeconomic conditions. The aim of this approach is to further incorporate the principles of associative economics into our investing and lending processes, in order to set mutually beneficial rates that reflect the needs of the entire community.

Interest Payments: You may elect to have your interest accrued to your investment or paid out to you on a quarterly basis. You may also choose to gift the accrued interest to an RSF Donor Advised Fund or Focus Area Fund, further increasing your social impact.

Repayment: The RSF Social Investment Fund and its affiliates has repaid investors consistently for 30 years with a loan loss rate of 2.07%.

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