PRI Fund

Designed for foundations eager to participate in PRI but without in-house capacity to do so, the RSF PRI Fund offers a streamlined way to recycle program payouts through loans to mission-aligned projects.

Building on RSF’s 30 years of experience in social enterprise lending, the RSF PRI Fund reduces the barriers to entry for foundations that want to leverage their philanthropic dollars through Program-Related Investing (PRI), but that lack the in-house expertise to source, underwrite, service, and monitor loans. With a minimum investment of $100,000 and a five-year term, foundations receive a 1% annual return and can ultimately “recycle” their investment toward additional PRIs or grants. Because the RSF PRI Fund is a pooled investment vehicle, foundations also support a wider range of projects than would otherwise be possible, which both mitigates risk and maximizes social impact.

Food & Agriculture Focus

RSF’s PRI Fund looks to provide financing to organizations with replicable strategies creating impact across the food and agriculture supply chain and enabling local economies to flourish. These projects impact a variety of foundation mission areas, including:

  • Healthy ecological systems
  • Urban and rural economic development
  • Infrastructure for sustainable communities
  • Safe and equitable labor conditions
  • Increased access to healthy food in underserved areas
  • Health & wellness

Investments in the RSF PRI Fund are used to provide loans of $50,000 or greater to non-profit and for-profit social enterprises addressing key issues in food production, food access, value-added processing, distribution, retail, and waste management.

Learn More

To learn more about how the RSF Food & Agriculture PRI Fund can help your foundation meet its strategic goals, please contact Catherine Covington at 415.561.6151.

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