rudolf-steiner-1905Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was an Austrian philosopher and scientist whose work influenced a number of fields, including agriculture, education, medicine, science, architecture, spiritual development, and social theory. In 1922, he gave a course of lectures on economics, which serve as the framework of economic ideas that inspire RSF Social Finance.

Interdependence is at the root of most spiritual traditions, and increasingly serves as the foundation of scientific inquiry, including systems theory and quantum mechanics. In the sphere of economics, Rudolf Steiner described it as “associative.” He understood money to be a bridge – a circulatory system – invented to connect human beings in relationships of service.

Over 80 years ago, Steiner encouraged us to strive for a less hierarchical, more networked approach to business leadership. Today, we are starting to realize the potential of conscious economic collaboration. Consumer behavior and investment preferences have begun to shift–and that shift is accelerating.

RSF Social Finance has emerged as a trusted leader and genuine innovator in this growing movement. We support organizations whose values are compatible with Steiner’s insights on associative economics and social renewal, especially those involved with Food & Agriculture; Education & the Arts; and Ecological Stewardship.

Steiner’s teachings continue to inspire our work. All of RSF’s innovative financial tools are designed to serve the highest intentions of the human spirit.

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