Purpose & Values


RSF's first home in Spring Valley, NY, circa 1984

RSF Social Finance frames all of its work in terms of an overarching Purpose informed by a set of core Values. The Purpose statement answers the question, “Why do we exist?” The Values statements answer the question, “What do we believe to be true?”

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To transform the way the world works with money.


The primary role of money is to serve the highest intentions of the human spirit.

People are best served by financial transactions that are direct, transparent, and personal, based on long-term relationships.

Economic success will be defined by social and ecological impact, not by financial results alone.

Networks and associations will be increasingly important in the circulation of money.

A deeply entrepreneurial culture is required to generate breakthrough ideas at the intersection of social change and finance.

All those seeking to align their values with their money will have access to opportunities for investing, lending, and giving.

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