2016 Annual Report

It is with great delight that we share with you the 2016 Annual Report by RSF Social Finance.

Last year was a full one for this organization, and our collection of client stories and financial results showcases just that. We hope the vignettes and visuals inspire you to seek new ways to engage with money and explore means of managing it that serve to the highest intentions of the human spirit.

In this interactive site, you can:

  • Browse profiles by members of RSF’s fast-growing community of donors, investors, grantees, and entrepreneurs.
  • Learn how we foster relationship and encourage rethinking money and its purpose through groundbreaking offerings like Shared Gifting Circles and Community Pricing Gatherings.
  • View a new infographic illustrating RSF’s integrated capital approach, and its role in funding three cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico.
  • Delve into our financial highlights, with commentary by new Chief Investment Officer Susie Lee.
  • Reflect on the vision, mission, and values that we hold deeply as an organization.

We continue to listen carefully and learn daily from our clients, partners, and friends. Your support and guidance grant us powerful tools to create an economy that based on generosity and interconnectedness.

Enjoy the report!

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