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We are committed to transforming the field of philanthropy by bringing collaboration, transparency and community wisdom into the grant-making process and fostering relationships that will change the way the world works with money. We do this through Shared Gifting Circles, which give ownership, distribution and allocation authority to the recipients of gift money.

By moving control of grant funds from donors to organizations, trust, accountability, reciprocity and relationships are created in a way that moves beyond traditional philanthropic models. There are no directed outcomes or objectives for how the recipients use the money; the group uses its collaborative wisdom to determine the best use of the funds. It also frees the recipients to create mutually beneficial collaborations not likely in typical competitive models.

RSF’s Shared Gifting program is inspired by Elise O. Casper and the Mid-States Shared Gifting program.

Philadelphia Circle

At the Shared Gifting Circle in Philadelphia, PA, twelve local sustainable food and agriculture non-profits participated, sharing a pool of $100,000. This group came ready to collaborate and ended up putting aside a portion of the money to raise matching funding to support their work together!

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Check out the following papers and articles to learn more about the Shared Gifting process.

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