Reimagining the role of giving

We believe that gift money has a catalytic role to play in seeding new ideas and taking risks.

RSF encourages and empowers donors to unlock and flow this vital pool of capital. We have embraced the Just Transition Framework and support the work of transforming philanthropy from the inside out, ensuring that its effects are regenerative, rather than extractive.

Giving options at RSF
Donor Advised Funds Individuals and foundations looking to partner with RSF for their charitable giving $5,000 Charitable organizations working in areas aligned with donor’s interest Funds are invested in a mission-aligned portfolio, including clean energy and community banks
Social Enterprise Crisis Response Fund Individuals and foundations that would like to provide COVID-19 crisis support No minimum Organizations working in: sustainable food & agriculture, arts and education, climate & the environment, economic justice Provides rapid response loan payment relief and/or grants to RSF borrowers



Individuals and foundations that would like to support social enterprises by utilizing RSF’s integrated capital approach $100 Organizations working in: biodynamic agriculture, food systems, women-led enterprises, BIPOC-led enterprises, and Waldorf education Provides creative financing and capacity building solutions to early-stage, innovative entrepreneurs

Money to Transform


Individuals and foundations that would like to support RSF in furthering its mission No minimum Provides RSF with the philanthropic capital needed to expand and strengthen field building and community engagement Through RSF people have the opportunity to support values-driven entrepreneurs and help advance the field of social finance

Shared Gifting


Individuals and foundations looking to transform the existing power dynamics in philanthropy No minimum Organizations offering innovative solutions to further the field of social finance, food & agriculture, education, the arts, or climate & environment Gives distribution and allocation authority of gift money to participants in Shared Gifting Circles
Donor Advised Funds

With a Donor Advised Fund, your tax-deductible gift includes you as part of a larger community of donors, investors, and borrowers who are advancing the field of social finance.

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