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Hassle-free impact investing
for foundations

RSF Social Finance designed the Food System Transformation Fund for foundations eager to participate in a program-related investment (PRI) opportunity.

Built on over 30 years of experience in social enterprise lending, the Food System Transformation Fund offers an easy way for foundations to leverage their philanthropic dollars by making a PRI loan to RSF. The capital is lent to enterprises working to build local food systems, an attractive arrangement for organizations that lack the resources or prefer not to source, underwrite, service and monitor loans.

Starting with a minimum amount of $100,000, investments in the fund are in the form of a non-amortizing five-year loan to RSF, with an annual interest rate of 1%. At maturity, foundations can either elect to renew their loan or receive their principal back and recycle toward more PRIs or grants. Because the fund is made possible by a group of foundations, we’re able support a wider range of projects than would otherwise be possible, which both mitigates risk and maximizes social impact.

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