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Relationships and Innovations

By questioning assumptions about how money works and collaborating with our partners and clients, we’re creating new models of working together, new products, and fresh ways of engaging with finance.

We believe that inquiry and dialogue are essential to transforming people’s relationship with money and moving the economy toward greater equity. We enable the investors, donors and entrepreneurs in our community to explore the role of money in their lives and engage with it in more meaningful ways.

Our deeply entrepreneurial culture and unique approach to our work enable us to generate breakthrough ideas at the intersection of social change and finance. Since 1984, we have focused on developing innovative social finance tools that serve the unmet needs of our clients and partners.

Integrated Capital

RSF takes a holistic approach to financing social entrepreneurs. We provide both the capital and connections you need to reach your goals.

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Community Pricing Gatherings Community Pricing Gatherings

Starting in Spring 2009, RSF began hosting periodic gatherings to create greater transparency and connection between investors and borrowers in our social enterprise loan program. Now these meetings are officially part of our process to determine the quarterly interest rate.

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Shared Gifting Circles Shared Gifting Circles

Shared Gifting Circles give participants distribution and allocation authority over grant funds. By moving control of funds from donors to organizations, we create the trust, accountability, reciprocity and community that are absent from traditional philanthropy models.

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Join the RSF community
Invest your values Invest your values

RSF offers an easy way to invest in what’s important to you. Start your fund today with $1,000.

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Open a giving account Open a giving account

With a Donor Advised Fund, you can give when the timing is right for you and be part of an active community of donors and partners who share your passions.

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Get funding Get funding

If you’re an entrepreneur creating social or ecological change, apply for a loan to help you further your mission.

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