Bill Duane

Bill Duane

Bill Duane works at the intersection of individual resilience and organizational effectiveness. As an engineering executive for Google earlier in his career, Bill was responsible for worldwide production engineering for Gmail, Apps and Websearch Infrastructure leading a team of 130 people across 5 countries. The experience (while wildly rewarding, interesting and exciting) led to burnout, which drove Bill to figure out why. As he investigated burnout, Bill discovered a deep interest in the biological, psychological and interpersonal mechanisms of happiness, effectiveness and well-being, which led him to create the role of Google's Superintendent of Well-Being. At Google, he and his team created worldwide programs to demonstrably move the needle on well-being at the individual, team and organizational level, partnering with various teams in the Google ecosystem to make it part of the culture. After 12 years at Google and 25 years in corporate environments, he is taking his expertise to a more diverse set of individuals and organizations. Bill is currently a consultant to Google, Vice-Chair of the Board of Veterans PATH, Board Member of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Board Member of Taking it to the Streets, Board Advisor to Wisdom Labs and a dharma teacher in training at Against the Stream and an executive coach and keynote speaker.
Areas of Expertise:
  • Career envisioning and implementation
  • Personal development
  • Managing audacious goals and burnout
  • Effective teams and organizations
  • Creating organizational culture
  • Fostering innovation and social change