Birju Pandya

Birju Pandya

Birju Pandya has been experimenting with Integrated Capital in family offices.
Key areas of Birju's interest currently include inner transformation (eg meditation), psycho-spiritual work (eg trauma work), and resilience (eg collapse awareness).  He also engages with the topics of meat reduction, solar energy, real estate and regenerative agriculture. From an Integrated Capital lens, Birju experiments with multiple forms of capital, gift cultures, and emergence-based design.  He maintains relationships with many groups in these spaces, some examples below.  Underneath it all is an intention to invite deeper compassion and wisdom into life.
Prior to this direction, Birju was a consultant with McKinsey & Company.  He has a Bachelor's from Arizona State and an MBA from Columbia Business School.
Birju’s roles include husband, father, volunteer, friend. He is the son of first-generation Indian immigrants, and lives with his family in Northern California. A few values that Birju holds dear – authenticity, vulnerability, gratefulness, equanimity, joy.  His writings are available on his personal website.
Family Offices: MobiusArmonia
Meat Reduction: Farmed Animal Funders50by40
Inner Transformation: ServiceSpaceDharma Realm Buddhist University
Resilience: Deep Adaptation ForumOMEGA: Resilience Funders Network