Ed Dugger

Ed Dugger

Edward Dugger III is President of Reinventure Capital and is recognized as an impact investing pioneer.  Throughout his career, he has been committed to providing investors with impact rich returns on investment by making a return on inclusion. Ed’s VC career began at age 25 and accelerated at age 27 when he became CEO of one of the larger venture capital firms in the nation, backed and mentored by such board directors as the CEO of Morgan Stanley and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of JP Morgan. As one of the earliest impact VC funds, he invested in growth industries to consciously expand business opportunities for founders of color. In the process, he funded the movement of these founders into industry sectors which had little to no participation by people of color, provided the footings for over $2 billion of senior financing to this underserved market, generated more in accumulated wealth and forged a pathway for future impact investors. Although Ed’s investment practice was national, he leveraged his successes as a VC to build bridges among disparate local business communities. As a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, he co-convened with the Bank several business leadership forums advocating more inclusive business practices. Expanding the effort after harvesting the venture funds, he partnered with the CEO of State Street Corporation to form The Business Collaborative (TBC), a unique business community initiative that created a more robust B2B market among major corporations and businesses of color in Massachusetts. Now Ed has come full circle in responding to our nation's current challenges, stemming from persistent social and economic inequities, by forming Reinventure Capital. Once again he is targeting the vast, untapped reservoir of innovative, entrepreneurial talent, comprised of those of color and women, consistently overlooked by the mainstream investment community. In so doing, he is pursuing a contrarian investment strategy that will provide returns on capital AND inclusion.
Areas of Expertise:
  • Assessing non-standard entrepreneurial talent
  • Structuring win-win transactions
  • Leveraging capital for change
  • Bridging disparate business groups
  • Speaking truth to power