Marian Moore

Marian Moore

Marian, a co-founder and former faculty of RSF’s Integrated Capital Institute, convenes (Jubilee Gift, Jubilee Justice, Play BIG, Lead with Land, The Trust Web), supports, and coaches people toward a new future for and with money. For fifteen years, Marian has acted as a kind of midwife for people stewarding significant financial wealth to reimagine what’s possible while integrating investment, philanthropy, land and leadership, to liberate hundreds of millions of dollars to regenerative solutions, while fostering a greater sense of belonging.
The first half of Marian’s career was devoted to television and music production; in the nineties, as co-founder of the national non-profit, Concerts for the Environment, Marian co-produced multi-act stadium and arena concert events that brought public attention to environmental issues. Marian sings, writes songs, is a Soul Collage facilitator, a climate justice activist, has three adult children and lives in Minneapolis, on Dakota land.
A dedicated field builder in the realm of financial activism, Marian is delighted to share her experience with and understanding of the following…
Areas of Expertise:
  • Emerging models of doing money differently
  • Bringing both an activist and spiritual lens to working with money and finance
  • Wealth psychology
  • Finding pathways for reckoning and repair—to liberate us from destructive and oppressive power dynamics of money