RSF’s investment and philanthropic funds provide loans to social enterprises working in food & agriculture, education & the arts, and climate & environment.

Alabama Waldorf School
All Good Products
Anchorage Waldorf School
Belay Enterprises
Beyond Good
Blackdirt Farms**
Camphill Communities California
Capay Valley Farm Shop+
Ceres Community Project
Charlottesville Waldorf School
Charter Foundation
Chicago Waldorf School
Common Market
Cooperative Coffees
Cooperative Energy Futures+
Corvallis Waldorf School
Crown O’Maine Organic Cooperative+
David Brower Center
Desert Marigold School
Digital Divide Data
Donkey and Goat
Drive Change
East Bay Waldorf School
Ecole Rudolf Steiner De Montreal
Equal Exchange
Equinox Studios
Eu’genia Shea*
Eureka Recycling
Faber Street Foodworks
Farmhand Fermented Foods+
Firefly Farms+
Flower Essence Services
Geos Institute+
Golden Bridges School
Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative+
Growing Gardens Of Boulder County**
Guest House Retreat Center
Hana Health
Happy Dirt
Happy Valley Meat Co+
Highland Hall Waldorf School
Hudson Harvest+
Hummingbird Wholesale+
Imlak’esh Organics
Indigenous Designs**
Interrupcion Fair Trade***
Intervale Center
Iroquois Valley Farms
Kickstart International
Kreyol Essence*
Live Oak Waldorf School
Lotus Foods
Lucis Trust
Marin Sun Farms
MCE Social Capital
MT Hi-line Farms***
Nelson Waldorf School
Nifty Hoops+
Open Up Resources
Options For Supported Housing
Organic Trade Association
Organically Grown Company
Pasadena Waldorf School
Positive Energy
Regional Access
Rocky Mountain Institute
Saffron Road Foods
Sandia Area Federal Credit Union
Sea To Table
Shea Radiance*
Solar Holler+
Sunfield Education Association
Synergy Clothing
Tashiro Arts Building
The Drawing Studio
The Runway Project*
Towards Employment+
Tucson Waldorf School
Union Kitchen+
Uptima Bootcamp*
Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Urban Teachers
Viva Farms
Waldorf School Of Dupage
Waldorf School Of Pittsburgh
Waldorf School of Tampa Bay
Watt Time+
Yggdrasil Land Foundation
Zone 7+

Notation indicates which RSF fund provided the loan. All others funded by RSF’s Social Investment Fund.

* Women’s Capital Collaborative
** Food & Agriculture Collaborative
***Biodynamics Collaborative
+ Food System Transformation Fund
++ Regenerative Economy Fund

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