RSF's Annual Fund:
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Since 1984, RSF has focused on relationships over transactions, integration over fragmentation, and mutual support over competition. The Annual Fund will help us build our capacity to serve our community of social entrepreneurs, investors, and donors.

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Since 1984, RSF has identified, evaluated, supported and nurtured social enterprises in North America, matching them with the capital they need to succeed and thrive. Our collaboratives provide an opportunity for donors to join us in this work. Each collaborative utilizes gift money and transforms it through our unique integrated capital approach to provide enterprises with diverse forms of capital — loans, grants, and investments — along with the resources and connections they need.

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Women’s Capital Women’s Capital

Supports women entrepreneurs by providing them with crucial growth capital when they need it most. The Collaborative uses an integrated capital approach to fund women-led social enterprises that are supporting and empowering women and girls. More than 50% of our funding supports women of color.

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Racial Justice Racial Justice

Provides diverse forms of capital to social enterprises that are: owned and led by BIPOC entrepreneurs, use a stakeholder approach (supporting community, employees, customers, and the environment), and based in the U.S.

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Biodynamics Biodynamics

Supports the biodynamic movement in North America, which is working toward a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition. We’re seeking donors who wish to support a community that’s playing a vital role in transforming the health of the American food system—a community poised for more growth as the market looks beyond organics.

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Food & Agriculture Food & Agriculture

Supports innovative organizations that need flexible financing to create resilient food system infrastructure, develop agricultural practices that support healthy carbon cycles, strengthen fair trade supply chains, and provide equitable access to farmland.

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Waldorf Education Waldorf Education

Supports Waldorf schools committed to associative economies, place-based collaborations, and social equity. We know that the cultivation of human capacities in service to the individual, society, and the earth—a key Waldorf principle—is essential for a healthy culture, an equitable society, and a regenerative economy.

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Fiscally Sponsored Projects

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