RSF's Annual Fund:
building capacity

Gifts to the RSF Annual Fund will help us bring down the cost of capital for enterprises that are working hard to positively impact our communities during these unprecedented economic times, raise the level of service offerings from our talented team, and continue to lead the way in the impact investment space as a funder of choice for nearly four decades.

The Annual Fund will enable RSF to:

Connect transformative social entrepreneurs with the diverse forms of capital they need to solve complex social and environmental problems
Educate and inspire the next generation of leaders who are creating healthy, regenerative financial systems

Serve as home base for investors, donors, and entrepreneurs who are creating an economy based on generosity and interconnectedness
Offer learning experiences that transform the way people work with money, helping them realize their potential to effect lasting, positive change
Create integrated capital relationships and collaboratives that shape the future of social finance
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Make a tax-deductible gift and join us as we reimagine money and use it to catalyze solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

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Catalytic Capital

As a non-profit social enterprise, RSF relies on donations and earned revenue to fund our work. People today are awakening to their interconnectedness and taking principled steps to support one another in more holistic and generous ways. What we need is a whole new way of working with money, recognizing that in the end, what matters most are relationships, and intentionally measuring how our actions lead to stakeholder’s needs not just being named but being met through an inclusive and just process.

We will expand and strengthen our people, field building, and community engagement to support values-driven entrepreneurs, investors, and donors, and advance the field of social finance.

  • Supporting People

    Refining our integrated capital approach to better serve groundbreaking social enterprises

    Supporting the next generation of financial activists, investors, donors, and social entrepreneurs

  • Advancing the Field

    Sharing our learnings and shining a light on other innovators and thought leaders

    Expanding awareness of steward-ownership models in the U.S.

  • Engaging Communitites

    Deepening our work and relationships with all our stakeholders

    Evolving our convenings strategy to equip more donors and investors to take action with their money

Support RSF's mission

We seek to catalyze transformation by circulating capital for a more just, regenerative, and compassionate world. Together, our continued success will enable us to support exponentially more investors, donors, social entrepreneurs, and financial activists to transform the way leaders create new models for learning, investing, lending, and giving.

Donations to the RSF Annual Fund are unrestricted, enabling the organization to execute on its mission with the necessary funds to support and grow its operations and to maintain reserves for future phases of innovation.


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Vice President, Client Development