Waldorf Education Collaborative

RSF Social Finance has supported the Waldorf Education movement since 1984. We know that the cultivation of human capacities in service to the individual, society, and the earth—a key Waldorf principle—is essential for a healthy culture, an equitable society, and a regenerative economy.

We are deeply encouraged by how different communities in today’s Waldorf Education movement are working collaboratively to root the practice and goal of education in the values of human dignity, social responsibility, and the interdependence of all beings.  In this comprehensive and coherent view of education, we see the seeds of a world where all children and adults can grow and develop in healthy ways that fulfill the highest intentions of the human spirit, and honor our natural and cultural commons.

Innovation & social equity

RSF’s Waldorf Education Collaborative is designed to recognize capacity and spark innovation. The fund will allow RSF to provide catalytic capital in the form of loans, guarantees, and grants to a varied range of organizations that make up the Waldorf Education movement in North America today.

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The Collaborative will focus on:

– Increased access to capital for organizations led by and working with historically under-served communities and populations

– Community-determined diversity, equity, and inclusion activities that support both inner-development and justice-oriented social engagement

– Associative activities—local, regional or continental—that are furthering innovation in curriculum, teacher quality, and healthy organizational life

– Place-based projects that reimagine schools as cultural centers for healing and sustaining communities committed to cultivating connection to land, self, and others

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