We work with social enterprises leading the way toward change

RSF Social Finance’s current borrowers and grantees are a diverse group of entrepreneurs with one thing in common: a social mission that, at their core, drives what they do and how they do it. We ensure that whether they’re preserving farmland or creating new opportunities for youth, all of our organizations are working toward social, economic, and ecological benefit.

What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises may be non-profit or for-profit, and they exist to create significant social or ecological impact. They have values that are evident in all aspects of their work and a mission they are accountable for. They’re driven not only by what they can accomplish but also how they accomplish it, and they practice transparency, in governance or business processes. Most importantly, they aim for financial and human sustainability consistent with RSF Social Finance’s mission and values.

Meet Veritable Vegetable

Founded in the early 1970s, Veritable Vegetable (VV) is a women-owned business that distributes organic produce by purchasing, transporting and supplying the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables on the market. The company is unique in its commitment to making every business decision based on their values. VV is a certified B Corporation, using the power of business to solve social and environmental challenges.

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Meet Alabama Waldorf School

Located in Birmingham, Alabama Waldorf School has a mission to cultivate healthy, confident, compassionate learners who excel academically, socially, and civically. The school serves pre-school through grade eight. It aims to be a beacon for the community, offering a vibrant future grounded in an engaged, compassionate, and insightful understanding of the world.

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Meet Vermont Land Trust

Vermont Land Trust (VLT) is a non-profit environmental organization working to conserve the productive, recreational, and scenic lands that give the state its rural character. Since 1977, VLT has conserved more than a half-million acres, including hundreds of farms operated by innovative farmers committed to the future of local food. VLT has also worked with families, towns, and businesses to protect more than 380,000 acres of forestland from fragmentation and development.

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