Inhabiting Interdependence

inhabiting-coverRSF Social Finance’s Vice President of Organizational Culture, John Bloom, published a new book this week titled Inhabiting Interdependence: Being in the Next Economy. In this collection of insightful essays, John explores approaches to transforming conventional habits of mind and practice that have led to an imbalance in our economic life

Acknowledging that money permeates almost every aspect of daily life, John examines how and why we have arrived at current forms of social practice in domains such as organizational life and governance. From that inquiry, he takes readers through a reconsideration of our personal and cultural conditioning, our economic selves, and our systems of exchange—all to provide insight into how we can be in the next economy in a way that supports and celebrates our human capacities. In short, these essays are an argument for returning natural resources, work, and forms of capital to their origins as gifts rather than commodities. With this framework, John believes we can find a deeper purpose for stewarding economic gifts on behalf of a more livable and interdependent future.

Excerpt from the introduction:

“The forces resisting change are manifold and strong, and predators seek the vulnerable. So we need each other and an awareness of the reality of our economic interdependence to push through change and to flourish. Transformation begins with questioning authority, questioning assumptions. And, I hope I have done that effectively. But inquiry itself is no longer enough. If we are to molt, it means taking authority, knowing why and toward what end, and then using that authority for the wellbeing of all.”

Other books authored by John Bloom include The Genius of Money. This and many more titles expanding on Rudolf Steiner’s thinking can be found on the SteinerBooks website.

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