Quarterly: Power of Women’s Capital

In this spring RSF Quarterly, we lend our focus to understanding the role that leaders in social finance and at social enterprises play in empowering women and girls. We start this issue by interviewing Amalia Greenberg-Delgado, Global Programs Director for Asylum Access, an RSF grant recipient, who enlightens us on the plight that refugee women face in accessing justice, achieving agency, and living with dignity. (Spoiler alert: With support from groups like Asylum Access, many thrive.) Next, we take a field trip to Baltimore, Maryland, to profile Urban Teachers, a game-changing social enterprise that is turning the tables on teacher retention while providing high-need city schools with quality instructors. Following that is an interview between Deb Nelson, RSF’s Vice President for Client and Community Engagement, and Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money. The two connect on a range of topics, including the Bird of Humanity, Oprah, and why taking a stand is more important now than ever. Lastly, we are honored to feature a piece by playwright Christian McEwen who, for most of the last decade, has dedicated herself to capturing the money stories of women from diverse backgrounds. In her essay, she reflects on insights from her work.

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