Here’s how your money can have a positive impact

Frustrated by the struggle to keep teachers in Baltimore schools, Jennifer Green and Christina Hall upended the whole culture of teacher training with Urban Teachers, which combines classroom residency and multi-year coaching to turn out skilled, caring teachers who are highly committed to helping students learn and grow.

For Kate Davenport and Lynn Hoffman, the road to zero waste is more than “reduce, reuse and rethink”—it’s also about social justice. As co-presidents of Eureka Recycling, the two responsible business activists help light the way by paying living wages, educating the community, and putting mission first.

Andreas Schneider grew up on Hawthorne Valley Farm. Now he’s elbows deep in building its booming kraut business, which helps support the nonprofit Hawthorne Valley Association’s biodynamic farming and Waldorf education missions.

The RSF Social Investment Fund is helping these leaders and others like them succeed. We now have unprecedented demand for the kinds of capital and services RSF provides and a growing list of transformative social enterprises seeking mission-aligned financing. That’s where you come in.

By opening an RSF Social Investment Fund account, you will directly support loans to for-profit and nonprofit enterprises working to solve complex social and environmental problems. This is a high-impact investment that provides a unique combination of benefits:

Engagement with social enterprises: You can get to know these transformative enterprises through stories in our publications and the opportunity to participate in community pricing gatherings, which bring investors and entrepreneurs together to inform interest rates.

Transparent impact: You can be confident you’re investing in real impact because we evaluate borrowers for their transformative potential and mission performance, as well as for financial strength. And we profile borrowers on our website so you can see who you’re supporting.

Accessibility: You can open a Social Investment Fund account with $1,000, and with a three-month term, it is a very flexible investment note. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to open an account online.

RSF Social Finance has a long track record of success. With over 34 years of lending experience, we’ve repaid Social Investment Fund investors 100 percent of their principal and interest. The Fund’s current 1.00% annualized interest rate is competitive with comparable fixed-income, short-term investments.

Timely financing can be make-or-break for mission-driven enterprises. Open an RSF Social Investment Fund account by the end of this year, and your money will make an immediate difference. It’s easy: sign up online today.

I look forward to welcoming you to the RSF community of investors, donors, and entrepreneurs who are working together to achieve positive, lasting change in the world.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Mark Herrera at 415.561.6160 or mark.herrera@rsfsocialfinance.org.


Jasper J. van Brakel

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