RSF named in The Transformative 25

RSF’s Women’s Capital Collaborative was named by Jen Astone of Integrated Capital Investing as one of The Transformative 25. We’re honored! Congratulations to the others–we’re in great company.

The following is an excerpt from Jen’s announcement on Integrated Capital Investing’s website.

Philanthropy is missing a strategic opportunity for transformative finance.

Given the multiple crises of structural racism, climate change, economic inequality and the COVID pandemic, foundations and mission-aligned investors are swiftly shifting their investments into ESG screened funds and values-aligned companies and entrepreneurs. Yet, they continue to overlook visionary funds and fund managers who are forging the future that we need. These funds are myth-busters and courageous innovations. More than rethinking our financial system, they are creating viable alternatives for investing in people and planet for generations to come.

This list of funds – The Transformative 25 ­– is an invitation to push past philanthropy’s comfort zone and consider the question:

What funds are transforming finance for people and planet?
I searched but could not find a list that prioritized changing not only how investment and finance is offered to strengthen the outcome but a list that also emphasizes relationship and place-based investing alongside strong financial due diligence and business support. This Transformative 25 list identifies funds making finance work for people and the planet by people trained both inside and outside of finance. I offer this list as inspiration and reference, a library for learning. We need a different conversation around investment in philanthropy, one that is motivated by our unique position as values-based institutions. We need investors to ask hard questions about our financial system, and align capital in ground-breaking ways. Read the full announcement here.


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