RSF is Lead Investor in New Majority Capital

RSF is pleased to share that we are one of the lead investors in New Majority Capital (NMC). NMC is closing the wealth and gender gap via small business ownership. We are excited about NMC’s innovative strategy of using the entrepreneurship through acquisition model to bring opportunities to a diverse group of aspiring entrepreneurs. They provide financing, education, and support to help create more BIPOC, women, and small business owners.

Known as the Silver Tsunami, over 12 million small business owners will seek retirement in the next 20 years creating a huge opportunity for a new wave of entrepreneurs.

Traditional search fund investors who provide financing for entrepreneurs to acquire and run businesses are typically focused on taking a higher percentage of ownership with a prescribed exit plan and prefer to back MBAs (typically from Ivy league schools) and/or established executives. This path is not easily accessible for most of the population.

NMC is working to educate more BIPOC and women entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship through acquisition as a viable path to wealth creation. They train and help entrepreneurs match with the right business for them and provide both funding and post-acquisition support to help them get off the ground and stay in flight in the important early stages.

To strengthen their reach and effect, they are working on developing partnerships with associations such as the National Black MBA network, the Hispanic MBA network, non-Ivy League colleges, and HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to build a strong pipeline of new BIPOC and women small business owners.

NMC has a big goal to train 10,000 BIPOC and/or women in entrepreneurship through acquisition while nurturing a perpetual fund that outlasts us and continues to grow its impact. We are thrilled to be an early supporter. Learn more about their work and investment opportunities on Wefunder.

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