Donor Spotlight: LuAnne & Christopher Hormel

LuAnne and Christopher Hormel have been RSF clients since 2009. As active philanthropists, they have utilized their RSF donor-advised fund to support organizations addressing critical needs in the U.S. and abroad, including clean energy, homelessness, local food, and mental health. LuAnne and Christopher share why Queer Asterisk is one of their grantees. 

Queer Asterisk envisions a vibrant community that embraces authentic expression and transformation, where individuals with dynamic and intersecting identities can thrive. Lear more > here.

We support Queer Asterisk because the queer and trans population is underserved in the area of mental health in this country. We admire the vision of queer folks helping themselves by starting a nonprofit service to benefit their community. They are caring and courageous, supportive of individuals who are trying to be themselves in a society which has been less than welcoming.

We appreciate being able to support Queer Asterisk through our DAF at RSF Social Finance. RSF’s commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion means that Queer Asterisk is part of a larger community of amazing grantees and other RSF clients, all seeking to contribute to a more just world.

An added benefit of having a DAF at RSF is that we have been able to help many of our grantees receive additional funding from the Half My DAF program. Half My DAF inspires more giving by moving money from DAFs to nonprofits now. DAF holders can make their gifts go farther with a matching grant from a pool of over $2 million.

Christopher and LuAnne Hormel

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