Mission-aligned investment portfolio

All of the Donor Advised Fund investment options are aligned with the RSF investment thesis: We seek investments that are as direct, trans­parent, and catalytic as possible.

RSF believes that gift money has a specific and important role to play in economic life, seeding new ideas, building community, and taking risks. For this reason, all of our philanthropic investment options are return agnostic, regardless of risk. We do not seek market-rate returns as a primary goal. We believe that the flexible nature of gift money – its ability to create innovation and build trust without the pressure of a set return as a primary driver – is one of its most important features.

RSF invests the majority of our Donor Advised Funds in our Liquidity Portfolio, which seeks safe and liquid cash opportunities that achieve deep impact. This portfolio is made up primarily of catalytic investments in leading community development and environmental banks and companies. It focuses on creating long-term relationships with institutions that offer unique op­portunities for social and environmental impact in their communities by supporting economic development proj­ects, affordable housing, and environmental initiatives. This portfolio offers donor advisors an opportunity to preserve principal and maintain liquidity for grantmaking while supporting leading mission-driven institutions.

Current Investments:

Amalgamated Bank

Beneficial State Bank

MCE Social Capital


Root Capital

RSF Social Investment Fund