So often, we’re told that the highest and best use of our money is for it to make more money. That our accounts and investments should always be growing, and that we should leave the details of how it grows to advisors. Do you ever wonder what it’s doing? Who it’s helping? Who it’s harming? And how it can be used differently?

If you’re curious to learn more about what your money is up to, this short video can help you get some answers, and think differently about what your money can do, and who it can help.

Take Action

To start aligning your money with your values, check out these RSF offerings:

Social Investment Fund 

By opening an RSF Social Investment Fund account, you will directly support loans to for-profit and nonprofit enterprises working to solve complex social and environmental problems. Minimum to start an account is $1,000.

Learn more here.

Donor Advised Fund

With the RSF Donor Advised Fund (DAF), you will join a community of active philanthropists. The RSF DAF lets you catalyze solutions to systemic problems and experiment with new giving models that challenge philanthropy’s power dynamics. Minimum to start a fund is $5,000.

Learn more here.

Thematic Collaboratives

The RSF Collaboratives are philanthropic funds used to provide enterprises with diverse forms of capital — loans, grants, and guarantees — along with the resources and connections they need to grow and thrive.

Produced by RSF Social Finance, Do Good Better, Ruben DeLuna Creative, and a wide range of collaborators, experts, and advisors, the goal of the video is to get more people to activate more of their money — through investing, banking, giving, and spending — in ways that align with their values. Learn more and find additional resources at: www.moneytransforms.com

To learn more about the making of the video, read The Village that Made a Movie: The Story Behind ‘Money Transforms’