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Changing the conversation

Throughout our history, RSF Social Finance has hosted gatherings that explore the personal and social dimensions of money and finance. We aim to make difficult conversations around finance easy and natural for members of our community by leading gatherings on money, spirit, intuition, race and other related topics.

  • Money & Biography

    Our intimate Money & Biography gatherings give participants an opportunity to examine how money impacts their personal narratives. The media, our culture and our families all influence our attitudes and behaviors around money, yet public conversations about our finances can be awkward or uncomfortable. As we come to understand our selves, our values, and our destinies more deeply over time, we rarely take the time to also explore the assumptions we live with around money.

  • Money & Intuition

    RSF hosts small annual gatherings that explore the connection between intuition and money. Themes of past gatherings have included the prioritization of intuition and mindfulness; shared understanding of a new economy; the role of intuition in building regional economies; the reimagining of purchase, loan, and gift; collective wisdom as a source for inspiration and renewal; and the transformative power of focused, shared, intuition-led inquiry.

  • Money, Race & Class

    We recognize and invite discussions of how race, class, gender and religion impact our economy. Based on our experience, RSF believes that financial relationships are one avenue into a better understanding of how we practice our values and make choices. For more information, download transcripts from past conversations:

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