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Alexandria Cabral Senior Credit Associate alex.cabral@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6173
Amy Beck Manager, Client Engagement amy.beck@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6174
Amy Bird Senior Manager, Social Enterprise Lending amy.bird@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.7985
April Hines, CPA Chief Financial Officer
Caroyln Ezelino Manager, Investments carolyn.ezelino@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6176
Carrie Stallings Senior Manager, Information Systems carrie.stallings@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6186
Casey Johnson Manager, Social Enterprise Lending casey.johnson@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.7986
Deb Nelson Vice President, Client and Community Engagement deb.nelson@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6193
Diane Robinson Office Manager & Executive Assistant diane.robinson@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6165
Donna Daniels Vice President, Philanthropic Services donna.daniels@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.7988
Ellie Lanphier Program Manager, Philanthropic Services ellie.lanphier@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6164
Emma Noto Program Associate, Philanthropic Services emma.noto@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6166
Grace Flad Associate, Client Services grace.flad@rsfsocialfinance.org
Hadiza Dalhatu Processing & Servicing Associate, Loan Administration hadiza.dalhatu@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6189
Jasper J. van Brakel Chief Executive Officer jasper.vanbrakel@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6177
Jen Dobrowolski Marketing Manager Jen.Dobrowolski@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6156
John Bloom Vice President, Organizational Culture john@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6158
Joki Kale Senior Accountant joki.kale@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.7987
Jon Webb Manager, Strategic and Financial Planning jon.webb@rsfsocialfinance.org
Kayla Leduc Senior Program Associate, Philanthropic Services & Client Engagement kayla.leduc@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6150
Kelley Buhles Senior Director, Philanthropic Services kelley.buhles@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6152
Leah Johnson Senior Manager, Loan Administration leah.johnson@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6184
Melinda Cheel Senior Director, Marketing melinda.cheel@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6157
Meredith Storton Manager, Social Enterprise Lending meredith.storton@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6167
Mindy Christensen Vice President, Lending mindy.christensen@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6179
Neha Kapur Credit Manager neha.kapur@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6187
Rae Thomas Manager, Human Resources rae.thomas@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6185
Raquel Iglesias Senior Program Associate, Philanthropic Services raquel.iglesias@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6154
Reed Mayfield Manager, Social Enterprise Lending reed.mayfield@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6175
Steven Chai Senior Credit Associate steven.chai@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6178
Sylvia Lee Controller/Senior Director sylvia.lee@rsfsocialfinance.org
Tammy Childers Senior Portfolio Manager tammy.childers@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6170
Tim Green General Counsel tim.green@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6183
Tina Beck Community Engagement Manager tina.beck@rsfsocialfinance.org 415.561.6192
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