Integrated Capital:
RSF's Unique Approach & Toolkit

What is Integrated Capital?

Integrated capital is the coordinated use of different forms of financial capital and non-financial resources to support an enterprise that's working to solve complex social and environmental problems.

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Integrated Capital in Action

  • Veritable Vegetable

    Founded in the early 1970s, Veritable Vegetable is a women-owned organic produce distributor that purchases, transports and supplies the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables on the market. They are unique in their commitment to make every business decision based on their values. A certified B Corp, they focus on high integrity relationships, quality produce, environmental sustainability, and active community involvement.

    In order to meet growing demand and to increase efficiencies, Veritable Vegetable was in need of more space. Given the real estate market in San Francisco, purchasing a new building was not an option. Committed to staying in the community, they looked for other opportunities and found a warehouse rental across the street from their current location that required $4 million in renovations. In order to secure a $3.2 million loan, they had to come up with $800,000 in equity-like capital. That’s when they reached out to RSF. Through RSF’s expertise in funding local food distributors and our strong network of funders, we were able to pull together the needed capital. One of the integral pieces of funding came from a small group of investors with whom RSF has a long standing relationship. The group made a $400,000 investment that helped make the $800,000 possible.

  • Hana Health

    The mission of Hana Health is to improve the health and wellness in the remote Moku district of Hana, Maui, particularly among Native Hawaiians and those who are underserved due to financial, cultural and geographic barriers. Hana Health brings together healthcare, organic farming, and nutrition in a unique approach to community wellness.

    Part of the Hana Health vision was to create a nutrition center, which would enable them to sell healthy prepared meals. They secured some funding but financing from the state didn’t come through as expected and local banks wouldn’t provide them with a loan. After learning about Hana Health’s model and mission, RSF was determined to support them. Once a guarantee was secured from a local community foundation, we provided a construction loan and the nutrition center opened in 2012.

    Three years later, we provided a $7000 grant from our Local Food Collaborative. The grant enabled Hana Health to offer double value for SNAP (food stamp) participants purchasing organic produce from their farmer’s market, furthering their work to get healthy food to an underserved community.

  • RecycleForce

    RecycleForce is an Indianapolis-based social enterprise offering electronic waste recycling services while providing life-changing workforce training to formerly incarcerated individuals. RecycleForce deconstructs, recycles, and disposes of the waste safely and cleanly. The scrap metals and other reusable materials collected in this process are sold to help pay for job training programs for formerly incarcerated men and women in order to support their re-entry back into society.

    In 2010, RecycleForce wanted to increase capacity and access new markets. To reach these goals, they needed financing to purchase an industrial shredder. They couldn’t find a bank that would provide a loan, mostly because RecycleForce’s model was so unique. RSF, recognizing the importance of their mission, was able to offer an equipment loan which dramatically increased their recycling capacity.

    Over the last few years, RSF has provided RecycleForce with additional loans to support their work. At times, RecycleForce has faced challenges that strained their ability to make loan payments. Because RSF is committed to working through difficult times with borrowers, and we have the flexibility to do so, we’ve been able to continue the relationship and support RecycleForce in furthering their mission.

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